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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Creativity Abounds at CYFI Board's Visit to YEC-Academy

at 10:36
Posted by CYFI Board

Trainees in the YEC-A filmmaking class set up a scene.

Representatives from the Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos spent Saturday afternoon learning about shoemaking and photography with trainees of the Youth Entrepreneurship & Creative Academy in Ibadan.

The academy, YEC-A, is a project of CYFI's Vocational Training team. The fellows designed YEC-A as a way to combat youth unemployment in Nigeria; the academy selected over 50 YEC-A trainees, all of whom are under- or unemployed young Nigerians, and teaches them marketable skills, such as shoemaking and photography. More than that, all the participants were introduced to mechanisms of coping with stress similar to the one experienced by the students when typing a search request ”I need someone to pay to do my homework!” There is nothing wrong with asking an expert to do my paper for me when being stumped due to the enormous workload. Being able to break the impasse is a skill gained by all the trainees afterward. Over the academy’s two-month duration, trainees have the option to learn shoemaking, photography and ICT. When the training phase of the academy is complete, trainees will be paired with local businesses, where they will be able to build on their freshly acquired skills.

The CYFI Board observed shoemaking and photography/filmmaking lessons. In the shoemaking workshop, trainees were busy putting the finishing touches on sandals, slippers and dress shoes that they had learned to make the week before. In the program’s opening three weeks, trainees said had already learned to make several varieties of shoes. Some trainees were showing creative flair, making sandals out of Nigerian ankara fabric and designing sandals with a fun leather embellishments. Some trainees, who could not afford to buy leather to make their shoes, practiced their shoemaking skills using denim from old pairs of jeans, making shoes that looked distinctive. Creativity also abounded in the photography and filmmaking course, where trainees were reviewing photographs they had taken the day before and learning about film direction.

A trainee hard at work making shoes he created and designed.

The academy’s subsequent weeks will include trainings in ICT and entrepreneurship. The four CYFI
vocational training fellows – Tunde Aboderin, Obinna Echendu, Olawale Sunday Olaniran, and Ebenezer
Akinrinade – lead the trainings in conjunction with professional shoemakers and filmmakers that they
had contacted. Trainings are held at the facilities of the Ibadan Northwest Local Government Area at
Onireke Dugbe, which has generously agreed to provide space for YEC-A.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Apply now for CYFI 2013!

at 14:37
Posted by CYFI Board

The CYFI Board is very pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for CYFI 2013!
This year, applicants can apply as individuals or as groups. See the Application page on this blog for more information.
Remember: Application Deadline is December 15, 2012!

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Project Update: Oga De Law Recording Completed

at 17:28
Posted by CYFI Board

Team Civil Liberties has completed the recording for their radio drama series, Oga De Law. The radio series, which aims to use pidgin English and relatable, real-life scenarios to educate the public about human rights and civil liberties, is now in its post-production and editing phase while the group works to determine a suitable radio station for it to air. View and listen to the soundtrack above!

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Friday, 31 August 2012

Project Update: YEC-Academy Enters Week 2 with Photography, Shoemaking Training

at 08:41
Posted by CYFI Board

YEC-Academy, the vocational training and internship program established by CYFI's Vocational Training team, enters its second week this weekend.  Following its opening ceremony on August 17, the Ibadan-based academy has continued, offering lectures and hands-on training in subjects like photography, cinematography and shoemaking.

Students of the YEC-Academy observe a shoemaking practical session.

The team writes: "We believe that the journey of a thousand miles begins not just with a step in any direction, but rather with a right step taken towards a right direction. After several months and weeks of planning and
strategizing, the YEC-Academy was finally unveiled. .. The photography/film-making and shoemaking training commenced on Friday, August 24 at the Ibadan North-West Local Government premises with a total number of forty-seven students (out of the fifty-seven selected students), three volunteers and a representative from the local government were in attendance. All the students present had high expectations about what YEC-Academy has to offer them, so they came prepared with an open mind and writing
materials. A brief opening was done by CYFI Vocational Training fellow Ebenezer Akinrinade to better prepare the students for the task ahead and also to introduce the YEC-Academy team and other volunteers present. Shoe-making class was anchored by CYFI Vocational Training fellow Obinna Echendu and assisted by Mr. James Onyebuchi (OJamesFootWears), while the photography class was anchored by Mr. Oladipo O’Fresh and assisted by Mr. Oloyede Abiodun (both from FreshProNig). Ebenezer Akinrinade monitored the two sessions and also took pictures. Facilitators were able to connect with the students which was evident from the number of questions asked during the sessions. Students in the shoemaking section had fun learning about shoe-making equipments with a practical demonstration on how to make palm-slippers. The session lasted for five hours."
We wish YEC-Academy the best as they enter their second week!

YEC-Academy photography students will later have the opportunity to intern with professionals.
YEC-Academy enters its second week.
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The Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, CYFI, is a dynamic youth-based initiative launched in 2011 by the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos. CYFI brings together Nigerian youth of exceptional vision, skills and experience to design and implement projects that have a positive impact on Nigerian society. Former Ambassador to Nigeria, Walter Carrington, was a champion of civil liberties, democracy and closer ties between the U.S. and Nigeria. CYFI fellows are committed to putting the ideals of Walter Carrington into practice. The theme of the 2012 CYFIyear is "Youth Engagement."

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