Call for Papers: Special Issue on Innovations in Corporate Governance and Performance Management

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2016

An important change in policy announced by the Editor-in-Chief

on behalf of all members in the editorial board

To balance the contribution between business and economics as well as to justify the journal title, International Journal of Business and Economics (or IJBE for short) decides to substantially invite submissions related to business starting from 2012 issues. To be precise, IJBE now has two tracks: economics and business. Every effort will be made to make each issue either focused on economics or on business, but not both. Hereby authors shall self-identify manuscripts as papers on economics or on business, but not both. One editor will be in charge of handling manuscripts on economics; another editor will be responsible for processing manuscripts on business. To assure the independency and neutrality in operation, we expect little or none communication between them.

For the economics track, we continue to invite papers in all fields in economics (as classified by AEA). Preferences will be given to short papers. We hope to expedite the review process. IJBE has been indexed in EconLit since the October of 2003.

For the business track, we welcome papers dealing with theoretical and/or empirical research on business activities including, but not limited to, the areas such as consumer behavior, banking and corporate finance, organizational behavior, marketing, risk and insurance, and international business. Case studies for the above-mentioned areas are also welcome.

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In closing, IJBE will also be interested in working on Special Issues to promote the research on specific and advanced topics in both tracks. Proposals (from potential guest editors) as such are solicited all year round.

We now welcome the submission of technical notes which will be reviewed by a board member. Up-or-down decision will be made within three weeks. An excellent sample of desired papers will be:

Martin, R. L., (1979), "Price Elasticity and a Shifting Demand Curve," Economic Inquiry, 17(1), 153-154.

The contents of International Journal of Business and Economics are abstracted and indexed by EconLit (including the Journal of Economic Literature), EBSCO, ProQuest, and Cabell's.

This journal is rated "B" in a recent ranking made by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) (

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