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Hello Kids and Welcome to my site! My name is Sean, and I am a big fan of dinosaurs. If you’re as young as I am and you love dinosaurs, then why not check out Kids Dig Dinos? It’s a website for dinosaurs that you will absolutely love!

I made that website because of my love for dinosaurs. It’s about dinosaurs for kinds! To be honest, I think that the dinosaurs are extremely cool.It is as if dinosaurs were made for kids in the first place! You’ve got different types of dinosaurs, including ones that fly like the Pterodactyls, and carnivorous ones like the T-rex. Herbivores exist too, like the Apotosaurus, and the Kronosaurus that lives in water. I really think that carnivores are the coolest though, my favorites being the Troodon and Velociraptors.

If you’ve got a school project to do, then this website is one of the best to explore! Teaches are big fans of giving kids dinosaur projects, which help you learn a lot about them! You get to know what they looked like, where they lived, what they ate, and a lot more!

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I have a lot of drawings available on my website if you want to check them out! You can find a coloring page on each dinosaur page or all of them are posted on my Coloring Pages.

Color one of my coloring pages and submit to become artist of the month! Then tell all of your friends that your famous and your artwork is featured on Kids Dig Dinos!