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5 Best Christmas Movies To Get The Holiday Spirit

5 Best Christmas Movies To Get The Holiday Spirit

The Christmas holidays have come but you do not know how to spend time and what to watch, then this compilation is for you! We do not only provide excellent writing help with a request "write a paper for me", but also know how to choose good movies that will give you the Christmas spirit! 

Home Alone

It is a legendary comedy movie that has become a symbol of Christmas! The story of a little boy fighting with criminals was loved by all viewers, regardless of age, or country. "Home Alone" is one of those films that you never get tired of watching again and again. 

Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is the youngest member of a huge McCallister family and is constantly missed. In a large family, parents often do not have enough time to solve the insignificant problems of the boy. Kevin is bullied by his elder brother Buzz, and even the punishment goes to him. So the boy dreams of staying alone at home and do not see all these people around him who do not treat him like an adult. And his dream comes true! 

Kevin's parents simply forget him when they depart in another country for the Christmas holidays. He enjoys his solitude, having fun with previously forbidden pleasures, but two dangerous burglars try to come into the house. The boy has to take a defensive position and to turn the house into a real impregnable fortress.

Fred Claus

Do you want to get a good Christmas mood? Then this film is for you, as it allows seeing and understanding how Santa Claus’s world works. But it is not the usual story of an old man in a red suit, it is a comedy about his brother.

The story begins with the birth of an unusual child in the Klaus family somewhere in Europe in the Middle Ages. The first baby´s words are "Ho-ho-ho!" Mom Klaus gives all her love to little Nick, while his older brother Fred feels deprived of parental care. 

Nick grows up to be a saint and becomes Santa Claus. His whole family gains immortality and moves to the North Pole. Fred grows up in the shadow of his holy brother, so he decides to stay in a Chicago.   

Many years later, Fred flies to the North Pole at the request of the famous relative, to help Nick save Christmas itself. To find out what happens next, watch the movie!


If you believe that New Year and Christmas are the time of miracles, and elves and Santa actually exist, then this movie is for you. But even if you lose faith in it, then watch the "Elf", it will convince you otherwise and give the Christmas spirit.

The film tells about a curious little child who gets into a Santa Claus's bag and goes with him to the magical country of Christmas. The main character Buddy admires this world and all who live there. He has a unique chance to stay there because elves want to adopt him.

So thirty years pass like one day, and Buddy realizes that he stands out for its height and appearance among the elves. He figures out that his birth father lives in New York, and decides to go there to find his family. 

Love the Coopers 

If you are looking for funny and ridiculous Christmas comedy, watch “Love Coopers”. This movie tells about the life of a big family that does not consider themselves happy or very friendly. Coopers live apart for a year and solve everyday problems, but they want to be better than they really are for one evening in the year.

After forty years of marriage, Charlotte and Sam are on the brink of divorce but want to arrange the best Christmas ever for their children and grandchildren. But there are no perfect holidays, just like people. Their son Hank does not know what he wants to save above all,  his marriage or career. His sister Eleanor is afraid to come to parents without a groom, so she appears in the company of a guy whom she met at the airport a couple of hours ago. Charlotte Bucky's father spends the whole day in a small cafe just to catch the smile of a young waitress. Aunt Emma Charlotte's sister is always weird, so she gets into trouble with the police.

If you ask each of them what they wish for Christmas, you will hardly get a clear answer. For everyone, it is something very personal, it is happiness. The movie is filled with festive bustle, conversations, disputes, funny situations, and shows that happiness is very close. Watch "Love the Coopers" to dip into the Christmas atmosphere. 

Love Actually 

Do you want to watch something romantic but with a Christmas theme? Then this movie is the perfect choice for you. “Love Actually” is one of the most famous romantic Christmas comedies that tells us about four love stories.

There are no protagonists in the film, and the story of each couple is intertwined with the others in a bizarre manner. The events begin in different houses five weeks before Christmas. The  Prime Minister suddenly falls in love with his employee. An unsuccessful writer finds his love at the most unexpected moment... “Love is everywhere” - this is the main motive of this bright holiday movie. 

So if you want to spend the Christmas holidays' night cozy and fun, then watch the movie “Love Actually”. 

We hope you will like our compilation of Christmas movies. Have a good time and enjoy viewing!

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