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How to Write a Creative Essay: Comprehensive Tips and Ideas

How to write a creative essay: guidelines and tips

Creative writing is one of the assignments college students will have to deal with. It is an exciting, interesting, and demanding process that requires impeccable writing skills, knowledge of the field, and a lot of time. It is not about analyzing a specific theme only, but also about the expression of your ideas, sharing personal experience and vision with the audience in a creative way.

How to write a creative essay that will be well-structured, coherent, and appreciated by readers? Keep reading an article to get a comprehensive writing guide. Interesting ideas, appealing writing methods, beneficial instruments, and quick tips will contribute to the quality of your writing.

What is a creative essay? Definition and peculiarities

Is it the first time you are going to work on a creative essay writing project? Well, you should start with the definition that will clarify some information and help you thrive with the assignment.

A creative essay is a type of writing that presupposes the use of imagination and creativity for the development and presentation of a specific topic. Creative essays do not have a strict structure, style, or format that should be followed. At the same time, irrespective of the high level of freedom and flexibility, the writer should comply with certain requirements and guidelines.

The purpose of the assignment may vary, but in the overwhelming majority of instances, the professors strive to test the student's writing skills, ability to express their ideas and discuss interesting topics.

Types of creative essays

Before you start writing a creative essay, you should deal with the basic aspects that may influence both the process and its outcomes. Make sure you set a corresponding environment and have sufficient resources for the completion of the project. Then, you are ready to proceed to the analysis of the paper and its creation.

At this point, it is indispensable to understand that irrespective of the maximum flexibility available for creative writing projects, there are certain rules and guidelines to follow. There are multiple types of creative essays that should be taken into account while working on the projects. Thus, devote to a single type of paper so that you create a meaningful, well-structured, and consistent paper worth appreciation.


This is the first and probably, the most common type of creative essay writing that resembles novel creation, where the main task of the writer is to talk about imaginary or real experiences, people, or events. What is the main peculiarity of the genre? The author does not only have to tell the story but also to show it to the audience. Maximum freedom of thought and concepts is offered, so learners can take maximum advantage of their imagination to come up with a flawless and appealing paper. At the same time, the structure remains important, so the plot, central concepts, characters, and a few other elements should be obligatorily mentioned in the text. Descriptive details and corresponding vocabulary are presupposed so that it becomes simpler for the audience to imagine the event, person, or experience under discussion.


The admission essay is different from the narrative, as it is more purposeful and goal-oriented. This type of creative writing has a specific practical and academic significance and may help writers achieve their goals. In most cases, the admission papers are assigned to learners who strive to be enrolled in the program or educational institution.

Irrespective of a more rigid structure, the paper should remain creative, telling the story of your life, work, and other experienced. Share your skills, ideas, background knowledge, and other critical elements that will contribute to your reputation, making you a decent candidate.


Admission and personal essay types are ultimately similar but still different. Unlike admission paper writing, personal essays give more freedom and space for creativity. You do not have to focus on specific aspects of your life that will emphasize your professional skills and show how diligent and hard-working you are. Instead, you are free to share any story from your past, present, or future that will focus on the concepts and ideas that are important and valuable to you.


Working on this type of academic project, the student should focus on facts. Profound research, data analysis, and brainstorming are the prominent aspects of the process. However, as it is not just a descriptive essay but also creative, the writer will have to make maximum effort to find an effective way to present information in both reasonable and entertaining manners.


Again, descriptive and lyric essays have much in common. Nonetheless, the last one is more about imagery than facts. Students who study languages, literature, or art will have to accomplish lots of similar assignments. In fact, working on the projects may be complicated, as finding impressive epithets and similar writing techniques to describe a specific concept is not easy.


This is another type of creative writing which is focused on the discussion of prominent and fundamental topics. The papers in this section are focused on the ideas of freedom, individualism, democracy, and equality in the United States.

Writing a creative paper, the student will have to start with the choice of essay type.
Types of creative essay

Creative essays structure

Once you are settled with the type of creative essay you will work on, you should proceed to the structure of the paper. Although imagery, description, and narration are the most critical aspects of the writing, structure, and formatting are still prominent. Thus, writing a comprehensive paper, most students stick to an Oxford 3-point method, which is one of the types of classic creative writing patterns. Follow the guidelines to keep each part of the paper appealing, meaningful, and exciting.

The set up

The set up, which is also known as an introduction, is the first and the most significant part of the paper. In the overwhelming majority of instances, it predetermines whether the readers will be interested in the other parts of the text. Therefore, the student’s task is to find creative ways to write an essay passage that will be catchy, appealing, interesting, and intriguing.

Although different techniques may be used in this part, all of them should be focused on specific purposes:

  • Grabbing the audience’s attention;
  • Introducing the topic and the main idea;
  • Emphasizing the prominence of the discussed topic.

A little background information and topic analysis may contribute to the quality of the paper, making it more appealing and interesting to read.


Once you are done with the introductory part, you should proceed to the biggest and the lengthiest passage. The body is aimed at the discussion of the themes mentioned in the introduction. A profound, well-structured, and reasonable analysis of the topic is a must. It is inevitable to mention that the techniques and instruments used for the achievement of the desired goals may differ, but the result should remain the same.


All creative writing essays should finish with a resolution or conclusion. It is a short and coherent part that should emphasize the conclusions you have made while writing the body part. Additionally, it provides readers with the ground for further consideration. Some writers choose to leave their creative papers open-ended, which is appropriate for this type of writing project.

Flawless structure and excellent formatting are inevitable for creative papers. Check out the most common structure of the essay:
structure of creative essay

How to start a creative writing essay

There are a few extra options to focus on before diving into the creative essay writing process. As it has already been mentioned, the importance of the set up section cannot be overestimated. Students should make maximum effort to detect effective, helpful, and appealing ways to start an essay.

What are the most impressive tips on the introduction of creative essay ideas? Check out some of the most promising techniques and tasks the writer should deal with in order to thrive.

  • Grab the reader’s attention. An impeccable hook is a must. Vivid descriptions, bright example, emotional claims, or alternative options may be used to intrigue and allure the audience.
  • Introduce the topic. It is another way to keep readers interested. Do not reveal the most critical facts, but rather give a hint of what you are going to talk about.
  • Emphasize the prominence of the subject. There is hardly a student who will continue reading the paper without a clear understanding of why the theme is important.

Writing a creative essay: step-by-step guide

Finally, when you have discovered all the tips and tricks to effective creative essay writing, you are ready to immerse yourself in the process. You should remember about the freedom of your ideas and concepts, but also the restrictions of the structure and formatting, while working on the assignments. Follow simple steps that will guide you to the flawless and stress-free creative essay writing process.

Step 1 - Researching and brainstorming ideas

There is no way you thrive with the assignment without a comprehensive analysis of the topic and its basics. Take your time to find interesting information, appealing facts, and unique examples that will keep your essay relevant. Make notes and write down the most impressive data that needs to be included in the text.

Step 2 - Reading sample papers

Surfing the web, you will come across a multitude of creative writing essay examples that may become an authentic source of information. At this point, it is critical to emphasize the writing techniques and instruments that can be inspiring and motivating. Additionally, sample essays can encourage you to keep working on your style, structure, and formatting. Valuable tips and simple guidelines are appreciated.

Step 3 - Outlining the paper

When the preparatory stage is over, you should proceed to the paper outline. Divide your essay into meaningful parts, emphasizing the core idea in each passage.

Step 4 - Writing the first draft

Excellent structure, impeccable content, and flawless examples are the obligatory pieces of the creative paper. Follow the outline to come up with a coherent and well-structured paper that will stand out.

Step 5 - Proofreading the paper

Proofreading and editing are the final stages of work that should never be skipped. Avoid typos, mistakes, and other inaccuracies that can affect the quality of your writing.

Creative essay title: inspirational ideas and samples

What is the first thing you pay attention to when you see a creative essay? It is surely the title that introduces the subjects and gives you the basic idea of the topic discussed in the paper. Thus, when it comes to creative writing, an appealing, relevant, and concise title is a must, as it will predetermine if the reader will go on reading or will skip to a more interesting text. Here are a few tips on how to select a creative essay title worth attention:

  • Stay specific and direct;
  • Keep the title informative but still alluring;
  • Narrow down your choice so that the topic is concise.

Check out a few creative essay topics that may inspire you and help you find the most impressive theme for your paper:

  • An Interview that has gone wrong.
  • The Scariest Thing in Your Life.
  • Working or Studying: How to Make the Right Choice?
  • How to Become a Successful Student?
  • What Is the Meaning of Dreams?

Creative writing skills: effective ways to advance them

Writing creative essays that stand out from the crowd may be a talent, but in the majority of instances, it is the result of hard work and much effort. Therefore, if you keep failing with your projects, you should consider finding effective ways to advance your creative writing skills. According to experienced writers, practice, experience, studying, and determination are the key steps to the desired success. Thus, if you strive to become a better writer, you should focus on the advancement of your skills.

Browsing the web and talking to different people, you will detect an array of techniques and impressive ways to contribute to creative essay writing skills. However, it does not mean you should practice all of them. Instead, analyze the available options and focus on the ones that seem the most appealing and effective for you.

  • Read a lot. Reading is one of the most prominent steps on the way to the achievement of the desired results. The more you read, the more insightful and experienced you become. Thus, subconsciously you enhance your awareness of effective writing techniques and methods to express your thoughts and ideas.
  • Try freewriting. Creative writing essays may be a challenging assignment for students who have little or no experience in the field. Therefore, before you proceed to academic projects, you should practice freewriting. Just choose the topic you like and do your best to come up with an appealing text. It will not only help you free your emotions, ideas, and concepts but will also help you get desired experience.
  • Get feedback. Are there people you respect and trust? Let them read some of your papers and leave their feedback. This is the way to detect critical mistakes and find ways to eliminate them.

Creative essay topics: how to make the right choice

Writing a creative essay starts with the choice of a relevant, appealing, and appropriate topic. At this point, it is inevitable to be selective and focus on up-to-date themes that are not trivial but interesting for you and the target audience. Avoid boring, trivial, and ordinary themes that are free of creativity and authenticity. Instead, make sure the theme you have chosen is:

  • Interesting for both you and readers;
  • Up-to-date;
  • Unique;
  • Authentic.
Topic Ideas and Suggestions
Food Imagine you and your friend visiting a new cafe for the first time
People Describe the weirdest person you have ever met in your life
Life experience Talk about the unique experience you have had in your life like the first bicycle ride, hike or special walk
Romance Tell about the most romantic time of the year for you and why?
Feelings Discuss the feelings and emotions of people who see one another for the first time.
Environment Do people influence the environment? Is the impact good or bad?
Medicine Is there an effective way to treat cancer?
Fears What are the spookiest things for you? Do you have any phobias?
Languages Why is it important to learn foreign languages, and how can such knowledge change your outlook?
Time What is the value of your past for your future?
Education What are the most effective ways of interaction between students and professors?
Social media Express your perspective on the impact of social media on people’s character, knowledge, and skills.
Health Share your ideas if marijuana should be legally used for the treatment of psychological and emotional issues.
Sports Talk about cheating in various kinds of sports and the way it affects the reputation of the athletes.
Drama Discuss the situation when you are stuck between two people fighting.

Custom written creative papers by professionals

Writing creative essays is surely an exacting assignment that requires flawless skills, competence in the field, and attention to detail. Besides, it is critical to mention that people working on creative writing should have enough time and inspiration, which are inevitable for the achievement of the desired results.

Fortunately, the absence of necessary skills and resources does not mean the inability to succeed with the project. WritePaperFor.Me is the online service that will help you deal with the simplest to the most complicated assignments at no time. Surf the company website to learn the specifications of the provided services and place your order. Discuss any issues you have with the support representatives. Safety and anonymity of the experience, top-quality papers, individual approach to the customers, and reasonable costs are guaranteed. Follow the guidelines to place an order and provide requirements that will guide the writer.


What Are Creative Writing Skills?

Flawless writing skills and creativity are the core components of creative writing skills. In fact, it is an ability to express thoughts and ideas in a unique way. Extraordinary flair and an authentic style of data presentation are a must.

What Is a Creative Nonfiction Essay?

A creative nonfiction essay is a subtype of creative writing that focuses on the use of literary techniques and styles in order to create an accurate narration. Striving to make a decent creative nonfiction essay, the writer should keep the text unique, structured, and organized, clear, straightforward, and correct.

How to Be Creative when Writing a Nonfiction Essay?

Writing a nonfiction essay is a challenging assignment that requires corresponding skills, time, knowledge, and persistence. Additionally, it is inevitable to avoid technical and specific terms. Instead, share your attitude towards a theme in a straightforward and simple matter. Tell a remarkable story that will impress readers and will encourage them to continue reading.

How to Make a Creative Essay Title?

Although the prominence of the title is frequently underestimated, it should be catchy and appealing to make readers excited about the rest of the paper. Therefore, analyze the topic of your paper and come up with a concise, descriptive, proactive, and meaningful title. Emphasize the purpose of your writing and mention the tone of the essay.

How to Write a Creative College Application Essay?

Working on a college application essay, you should be authentic and honest. Make sure you get the reader’s attention not from the introductory passage but right from the title. Profound analysis of the topic and attention to detail are inevitable and can influence the quality of the paper. Proofread and edit the text to keep it flawless.

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