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How to Write an Informative Essay: Guidelines to Follow

How to Write an Informative Essay: Basics Information and Effective Tips

An informational essay is one of the academic writing projects college students have to deal with. Excellent writing skills, deep understanding of the topic, attention to detail, awareness of the essay formatting styles, and maximum inspiration are indispensable for the achievement of the desired results.

Unfortunately, when it comes to academic writing projects, a lot of students have hard time dealing with them. The absence of necessary analytical skills, lack of logical thinking and zero motivation are the most common reasons of the failure. Are such learners destined to fail? Some of them choose to entrust their success to professional writers, while others start working harder to add to their writing skills. 

If you are one of those ambitious and hard-working learners who strives to create influential, interesting, and appealing papers, this article is for you. Keep reading to find catchy and inspiring informative essay topics, helpful tips, and recommendations that will guide you through the writing process and will advance your chances to come up with a relevant paper. Start with the definition and basic peculiarities of the paper before you dive into the specific aspects and unique characteristics of the paper. Follow the examples to practice your skills and thrive with college writing assignments. 

What Is an Informative Essay?

Working on the academic writing project can be either an exciting or an overwhelming experience, which depends mainly on your knowledge and expertise. Students who know nothing about the essay and its peculiarities are likely to struggle to meet all the requirements and create an impressive paper. At the same time, learners, who focus on the effective tips and writing guidelines have higher chances to succeed. 

What do you start your writing journey with? The definition is the first thing to pay attention to. What is an informative essay? It is a piece of academic writing that aimed to present relevant and unbiased information on a specific topic. The main idea of the paper is to enlighten and educate target audience, encouraging readers to make their own conclusions about the discussed matters. 

The absence of personal opinion and biased information is one of the most prominent characteristics of the essay. At the same time, the writer can present certain information that supports or denies an idea. The key peculiarities of the essay are:

  • Concision
  • Accuracy
  • Simplicity
  • Relevance

How to Start an Informative Essay?

If you know the basics of academic writing, you should be aware of the ultimate importance of the introductory passage. It is undeniably one of the most prominent parts of the paper, as it predetermines the further interest of the readers towards the whole piece. Thus, the main goal of the writer here is to impress, intrigue, and allure the audience. 

Browsing the web, you will come across a multitude of effective and appealing tips and tricks on how to keep the informative essay introduction thrilling and relevant. Focus on the most effective recommendations so that you know how to present your main ideas. 

At this point, it is also indispensable to mention that working on the informative text, the introduction will be the last part to deal with. Why? Because it will be much simpler to create a persuasive and appealing hook and thesis when you know the details of the discussed topic. Make sure the informative essay thesis statement is up-to-date and not widely discussed among writers. Even if the topic is not new and quite popular, you can always view the matter from a different perspective. Focus on the extraordinary aspects that will make readers analyze the same concept but from another angle. 

Informative Essay Introduction: The Importance of the Passage

The main purpose of the informative text is to explain, inform, and teach the readers. Relevant facts, meaningful information taken from credible data sources, ultimate attention to extraordinary ideas on trivial topics, and appealing facts are indispensable for writing a stunning and highly valued paper. 

Like most academic projects, informative essay starts with the introduction that plays critical role in the whole text. This is a comparatively short passage that takes 10-15% of the word count and aims at grabbing the reader’s attention, introducing the topic, and providing a thesis statement. Some background information, interesting facts, statistics, and little details can contribute to the relevance of the passage. Additionally, a brief summary of key ideas explained in the essay may be helpful. 

Keep in mind that too much information presented in the introduction may affect the reader’s desire to view the rest of the paper. Therefore, include only the most significant and interesting facts.

Informative Essay Thesis Statement: An Important Element to Include 

Even though the introductory passage is comparatively short and concise, it should also be divided into a few critical parts. The opening sentence is a hook that should attract the reader’s attention and keep them excited about the essay. Then comes background information that introduces a little bit more data about the analyzed topic. Finally, the last sentence of the introductory part is a thesis statement of the informative essay. 

In a nutshell, a thesis statement is a central idea of the whole text. It not only emphasizes the theme of the paper but also highlights the most critical aspects that will be enlightened and discussed in the paper. The formulation of the most critical sentence may take some time, but it is completely worth it. A quality pre-writing stage may help to create a consistent, informative essay outline and single out the thesis statement, which will hardly leave the readers indifferent. 

Keep reading for more writing tips and recommendations that will help you advance your academic skills, expand vision, and get helpful instruments that will aid your studying process. Focus on the most critical elements that seem easy to implement and effective. 

Informative Essay Conclusion: Effective Tips to Keep It Meaningful 

A flawless structure is one of the critical aspects of college writing, no matter what type of form of the paper you are working on. College students, expert writers, and a lot of other people are convinced that the introduction and conclusion are the central parts of any text. These are short and informative passages that help to get a brief summary of the ideas and thoughts mentioned in the body part. 

Consequently, it is critical to keep these elements concise, appealing, and relevant. When it comes to the concluding part of the informational essay, it should not be a bare overview of the essay content. Instead, it should be a comprehensive piece of writing that sums up the main ideas and encourages readers to meditate on the presented facts. Here are a few of the most prominent elements to be included in the passage:

  • Brief summary of the main ideas
  • Reiteration of the thesis statement
  • Meaningful conclusions
  • Interesting ideas for further research

According to the experts of Purdue Global University, informative writing is not about presenting facts, it is about making readers analyze complex ideas and single out critical conclusions. Readers do not have to agree with all the arguments presented in the paper but should analyze them instead and choose the points of view they agree and disagree with.

How to Write an Informative Essay: Dos and Don'ts 

Similar to other types of scholarly projects, informative texts require ultimate precision and accuracy. Only the most relevant facts and appealing details should be included in the papers. Additionally, it is fundamental to remember that all the requirements of academic writing should be met. Check out the lists of dos and don’ts in informative essay creation that might help you succeed with the project. 


  • Use credible data sources. With the development of technology, students forget about libraries and books. Instead, they prefer to search for the necessary information online, which increases the risk of using fake sources. Be cautious and selective, taking advantage of acceptable, relevant, and appropriate websites and services only. 
  • Be precise and clear. Working on academic projects, fact-checking is a must. Do not include contradictory information and other elements that can affect the quality of your paper. Make sure you also write clearly so that the text is easy to read and understand. An informative essay outline is one of the most effective tools that can be used for the achievement of the desired results. 
  • Use evidence to support your arguments. As the writer’s task is to be unbiased and objective, every statement should be backed by factual and logical information. Avoid any appeal to emotions or feelings, but rather focus on impersonal data. Profound reserach and analysis of the available information are the steps that should be taken for the achievement of the necessary results. 
  • Use diverse sentence structure. Academic writing should be interesting and appealing. Therefore, you should make maximum effort to keep your text corresponding. Varying sentence structure is one of the most effective tips for achieving the goal. 


  • Do not make generalizations. Stay specific as you present information, avoiding any generalizations and exaggerations. These are the things that can make people agree to contradictory and questionable ideas. 
  • Do not address the reader directly. The main idea of informative paper writing is to present relevant data rather than persuade the audience. Avoid addressing the readers and use personal pronouns in cases they cannot be eliminated. 
  • Do not use slang or colloquial language. Formal style, proper citing, and compliance with other academic requirements are indispensable for creation of an influential, and impressive paper. 

Informative Essay Outline

The definition, basic requirements, and peculiarities of the paper may help to succeed with its writing. However, there are a few other pre-writing stages of work that should be taken into account while working on the project. 

Outline creation is a significant step that draws writers much closer to flawless paper writing. Nonetheless, it is indispensable to mention that striving to succeed with the undertaking, learners have to take a few other steps. 

  • Choose the topic of the paper. There is no way you start working on the paper unless you know the exact aspect or concept you want to analyze. Take your time to browse the web and find the most inspirational ideas. Single out the most appealing ones and work focus on the question you are interested in. Avoid trivial topics that are widely discussed online. 
  • Brainstorm the theme. Surf the web for information on the topic. Pay attention to credible and reliable sources only so that you can find appealing facts that will make your paper influential and appealing. 
  • Analyze available information. Read as much information on the topic as possible, make notes, and write down the most critical features you want to emphasize in your paper. 
  • Create an informative essay outline. Following the notes, come up with a comprehensive plan for your paper. Do not include a lot of details, but rather include a few sentences that will guide you during the writing process. 

When you succeed with these stages of work, your paper is half-ready. Keep reading for more information about the critical elements that should be included in the outline. 

Informative Essay Introduction

First of all, the outline should start with the introductory passage. Present the topic of your informative essay in the most appealing and intriguing way. Add some background information, and finalize the passage with a thesis statement. 

Informative Essay Body

The body part is the biggest and the most informative one. Nonetheless, working on the outline, you need to skip all the details and focus on the basics. Divide the main body into a few paragraphs, each introducing a different argument and evidence that supports it. Do not forget to add some linking words and transition sentences to keep your informational essay concise. 

Informative Essay Conclusion 

The final part of the essay outline is a conclusion. Similar to the introduction, it should be comparatively short. The reiteration of the thesis statement, a brief summary of the most critical aspects, and a reflection on the further topic analysis should be included in the passage. 

Find a sample informative essay outline if you still doubt your ability to create a well-structured and coherent piece. Additionally, keep in mind that there is always an opportunity to get qualified help with your academic projects. No matter if you struggle with the outline creation or you want your informative paper to be written from scratch, you can pay for essay and let professionals do their job. is one of the most time-tested and reputable custom essay writing platforms that guarantees qualified assistance, excellence in details, anonymity of the experience, individual approach to every customer, and timely submission of assignments appreciated by learners. Talk to the support team to find the answers to the questions that bother you, and take your chance to succeed. 

How to Write an Informative Essay: Structure to Follow

At this point you are aware of the basic requirements to the academic writing projects. However, there are a few other little details that can help you create the paper that will impress the readers right from the very first sentence. Check out some of the effective tips to make an informational essay writing a no-brainer. 

How to Write an Informative Essay Introduction?

The pre-writing stage of work is critical. Make sure you have enough information, examples, facts, and evidence so that your introduction is appealing and interesting. Start the passage with an enticing hook that gives a hint of the topic. Do not reveal many details about the informative essay so that the readers anticipate the rest of the text. Other elements to be included in the introduction are:

  • Background information
  • Thesis statement

How to Write an Informative Essay Body?

The body part should present an in-depth analysis of the topic. Divide the passage into paragraphs, each introducing a different aspect of the same question. Start each paragraph with the topical sentence, but make sure the passages are properly linked. The logical flow of the ideas is important, as it helps to keep the informational essay coherent and concise. 

How to Write an Informative Essay Conclusion?

The conclusion is aimed at summing up the core ideas of the discussion. Do not present any new information, but rather focus on the points, analyzed in the body part. Reiteration of the thesis statement, and encouragement for further analysis of the topic are the extra elements to be included in the informative essay conclusion. 

Once you are done with the first draft of your paper, make sure you proofread and edit the text. These are the elements that will add to the quality of your writing and will eliminate punctuation, grammar, or formatting mistakes. Besides, it is an extra chance to check if the paper complies with all the requirements. 

Informative Essay Topics: Top 10 Inspirational Ideas 

The choice of the essay topic is the first and the most prominent thing to focus on as you start working on the assignment. Make sure the topic you opt for is appealing and interesting for you. This way, it will be easier for you to complete the assignment. Additionally, focus on the themes that are relevant, up-to-date, unique, and rarely discussed. Check out a few informative essay topics that will inspire you and guide you to the necessary choice. 

  1. American Civil War: the history behind the event
  2. Advantages of genetically modified foods
  3. Effects and causes of global warming
  4. The way technology affects education
  5. Nuclear energy and its impact on human lives
  6. Advancement of AI technology 
  7. Agriculture and its impact on the social life of human
  8. Regular exercise and its advantages for the quality of human lives
  9. Gender equality and the challenges related to it
  10. Mental health issues and their treatments

How to Write an Informative Essay: Tips and Recommendations 

The final stage of the project is proofreading and editing the text. This is the way to eliminate any inaccuracies and mistakes that can affect the quality of the project. Check out the checklist to make sure your paper complies with the requirements. 

  • Start with the captivating topic
  • Take your time to research the theme
  • Create a well-structured informative essay outline
  • Come up with a strong thesis 
  • Focus on the appealing introduction 
  • Provide reasonable evidence in every passage
  • Add examples to confirm the arguments
  • Proofread and edit the paper 
  • Focus on conciseness and clarify 
  • Keep the paper objective and unbiased
  • Search for interesting, informative essay ideas 

Stick to the recommendations so that you create an appealing and well-structured paper that meets all the requirements. 

Informative Essay Examples

Writing academic papers is a challenging and time-consuming undertaking that requires attention to detail, and excellence in every single aspect. In the vast majority of instances, students struggle to create an influential and appealing text worth appreciation. Is there an effective way to improve the situation? 

Reading and analyzing informative essay examples is a great step that will inspire you, guide you, and draw you closer to the achievement of the desired results. Surfing the web, learners can come across a multitude of consistent papers that can serve as a source of inspiration and helpful writing tools. Check out the write my paper page, which contains a comprehensive collection of papers that can provide you with the necessary information and writing tips. Apart from the custom writing assistance the team of professionals offers, they can also help with separate elements of the informative paper you struggle with. 

How to Write an Informative Essay: FAQs

What are the key elements to include in the informative essay? 

Like any other type of a college writing project, an impeccable structure is a must for similar assignments. Some elements of the text are optional, but the informative essay introduction, main body, and conclusion should never be skipped. Keep this parts of the essay informative and concise to contribute to the quality of the writing piece. Proper transition and logical presentation of information are also important. 

Are there any formatting requirements to meet? 

Irrespective of certain flexibility, an informative essay should be well-structured and formatted in compliance with regulations. There is no universal citation style for this type of project, but learners have to follow the APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other formatting style they have chosen. 

How long should an informative essay be? 

When it comes to writing this type of paper, there are no strict rules. Thus, the word count will depend mainly on the requirements of the professor. On average, an informative essay is around 1000 words, which is enough to reveal the topic.
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