Statement of purpose for admission to local city college

Posted: October 06, 2020

I am writing this statement of purpose in anticipation of joining your College to pursue a Bachelor in Business Leadership. Shortly after finishing my high school education, I volunteered to work at a local hotel to build leadership skills, learn from other leaders, and exercise being a leader. I worked as a hotelier, and I was promoted to a managerial position because of my abilities to solve problems and the quality of a good leader. With an opportunity to study at your College, I will be shaped to become a strong leader in the business world and community. Admission to College will enable me to build, acquire knowledge, and necessary skills in my career, and reach my goal of being a sales manager in a successful company.

I am the firstborn in a family of six children; my dad is a soldier and traveled a lot to other countries. My mum is a nurse and sometimes works the night shift. I was left with my siblings and take the role of a parent at a young age. The experience I gained when I took the role of a parent cultivated leadership skills that shaped my character. Our house was always full, and conflicts happened since everybody had a different opinion. I was mostly the meditator, bringing harmony and order at home. I always felt I was born a leader, and my family experiences made me appreciate leaders are nurtured.

One year after finishing high school, I was employed as a waiter at the nearby restaurant, and I experienced a situation when my colleagues had a conflict. From the family experiences, I felt that I could help them solve the conflict. After observing tension for two days, I approached them to identify the source of the conflict. Andrew, a colleague, used to be slow to deliver his tasks and did not meet the deadline; the boss blamed Jane for that. I took a bold step, asked why Andrew did not accomplish the specified task on time, and learned that he was experiencing issues at home, and Jane was always fast. I noticed that their personality was different. I acted as a mediator and requested them to meet to solve their differences by listening to each other and choosing the best solution that favors them. A week later, I got positive feedback from Andrew and Jane that they solved the conflict amicably. The experience enabled me to acquire the boldness to resolve disputes and communication ability.

I understand that conflict resolution is an essential leadership skill and am curious to learn about other abilities. The core of having a successful business starts with good management. I believe leaders are born and nurtured. The great man's theory and behavioral theories are a great inspiration. I think from the great man's theory, and a person can possess characters that make them a good leader. Behavioral theory state that behaviors can be changed or improved through learning and experiences to cultivate leadership skills. A good example is when one has an athletic talent and is trained well; they are likely to turn out better than ordinary persons. The opportunity of getting admission will enable me to grow my desire to become a sales manager.

Leadership style contributes to seventy percent of corporate performance. Leaders affect consumer loyalty, profitability, and productivity. My long-term career goal is to work in a successful company like Apple Inc. and become a great business leader. Your College has an excellent reputation for producing good leaders and hence my motivation to study my degree there. I have a strong desire to succeed in my course by studying hard and participating in extra curriculum activities to gain new abilities. I will be able to help the school in sports activities and different competitions where I will utilize my leadership skills to achieve this.

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