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How to start essay with quote: effective methods and techniques to use

How to start essay with quote: recommendations and tips that will help to succeed

How to start essay with quote: recommendations and tips that will help to succeed 

Academic writing is undeniably one of the most common assignments college students have to deal with. Precision, attention to detail, determination, and writing competence are the key skills learners should have in order to thrive with the undertaking. At this point, it is indispensable to mention that flawless structure and excellent formatting may predetermine the quality of the presented content. Additionally, the way you start the essay is related to the reader’s interest and desire to continue exploring the topic. 

 not a clichéd essay

Can you start an essay with a quote? Talking about the paper introduction, it is possible to single out a few effective methods to get the reader’s attention and keep the audience excited about the theme. Starting an essay with a quote is one of the ways to succeed with the undertaking. However, the awareness of little details and tips may contribute to the efficiency of the writing trick. 

Before you start analyzing how to start essay with quote, you need to learn that quotations are phrases borrowed from other authors. They may come in different types and forms, fulfilling various needs. Starting an essay with a quote, you should make sure the phrase is relevant and reasonable. Keep in mind that a properly selected quote may serve as a great hook, advancing the quality of the introductory passage. 

Writing tip: Surfing the online market, you will notice a lot of effective tips and powerful instruments that will contribute to the quality and relevance of the introductory passage of your academic work. However, none of them are universal, so you should make sure the selected option suits your writing style and paper type. 

Are you excited about effective techniques on how to start an essay with a quote format? Keep reading for more information about the option and its advantages. Additionally, focus on the idea of starting paper with a quote from an influential author. 

How to start a paper with a quote: effective tips to consider

Starting an essay with a quote is not easy, especially if you do not have sufficient writing experience. Therefore, a little practice and some work are indispensable for the achievement of the desired results. Additionally, there is always a chance to look through effective tips and guidelines on how to start a paper with a quote. Focus on the most appealing solutions to thrive with the first experience. 

  • Opt for the quote that fits the topic of your paper. Starting paper with a quote, you should make sure it fits your purpose. Do you want to use the element to encourage action, prove a certain point of view, inspire, or deal with other goals? Choose the phrases correspondingly so that the quotation works towards the overall message. 
  • Mind the audience. The type of the paper you are working on and the target audience are the key aspects to consider while choosing a quotation to start the essay with. When working on a scholarly project, you should not include jokes, funny stories, and cliches that will affect the quality of the text. 
  • Find the source. The accuracy of the information and attention to detail are the key requirements for quotations in academic papers. Besides, proper formatting of the quote is a must. 

Writing tip: Although starting an essay with a quote seems to be an effective writing solution, it is indispensable to be aware of the effective tips that will make the item add to the quality and relevance of your paper. Keep in mind that if you fail to insert a quote correctly, it can cause the opposite effect. 

How to start an essay with a quote format: how to succeed with the undertaking

Starting an essay with a quote you need to be ready to face certain challenges. First of all, inserting the quotation, you will have to explain it using relevant words and phrases. At this point, it is critical to realize that writing experience, knowledge, and skills are inevitable for students who want to know how to start an essay with a quote format.  

As it has already been mentioned, the relevance and accuracy of the quotation are indispensable. However, it is critical to mention that the proper formatting is also a must. Take your time to browse the web and detect a starting an introduction with a quote example that will help you understand how it works. The quotation should be formatted in compliance with the overall formatting style of the text, specified by the professor, or used by the writer. 

Essay with quotes example: professional help needed

Working on the introductory part of the paper is complicated and may take a lot of time. Fortunately, students who have little skills or knowledge inevitable for the achievement of the desired success, can always get qualified help. is one of the services that has rich experience on the market and can help students cope with the most daunting and time-consuming projects. 

No matter if you have a hard time choosing the research topics in education or you cannot decide between the most relevant marketing research topics, the team of professionals will help you thrive. Do you want the authors to help you advance your writing skills, or are you ready to just pay for essay and get it done? 

Take your time to surf the web and read the detailed information about the available services of the market. Using the quotes in the introductory page, coping with the complicated research paper, or accomplishing other undertakings is easy with qualified assistance. Use effective communication channels to stay in touch with the support representatives, discussing the peculiarities of your project, and getting the desired help. Leave your “write my paper at reasonable cost” request and thrive with the undertaking. 

Writing tip: If you have decided to take advantage of the essay writing service, make sure you choose a reputable and effective one. Beware of fake and scam services that take money but deliver low-quality papers. Order projects from time-tested services with high rating. 

How to start a paragraph with a quote: advantages and downsides of the experience

Starting an essay with a quote is always a great way to start a conversation with the audience and keep the readers excited about the content. In the overwhelming majority of instances, the advantages of the option are hard to deny. Nonetheless, there are cases when starting an essay with a quote may not be the best idea. 

How is it possible to understand when is the best time to use a quote? If you look through an essay with quotes example, chances are you will be able to single out a few important aspects that will help you make a reasonable final decision. Check out a few advantages and downsides of the quotes used in academic papers, and make sure you take the maximum advantage of the writing tool. 


  • Quotes help to start an essay and set the right mood. Although they do not contain a lot of information, they can reveal the writer’s attitude towards the question. 
  • They help to grasp the reader’s attention. Effective and meaningful quotations are exactly what is needed for writers who strive to make the audience anticipate the main content. 
  • They contribute to the relevance of the paper. If you mention the saying of a reputable person who supports your point of view, chances are your text will be more influential and meaningful.


  • Students cannot avoid cliches. These are the elements that affect the quality of the paper and eliminate the advantages of the quotes. 
  • Finding a relevant quote takes a lot of time. It may be a daunting and demanding assignment for inexperienced students who have little to no research skills. 

Starting an introduction with a quote example

Can you start an essay with a quote after reading detailed information about the writing tip? Unfortunately, a considerable number of students are unable to succeed with the undertaking even by following the guidelines. Is there a way out? 

Well, reading multiple examples and analyzing them may be a great way to expand the vision and get the peculiarities of starting paper with a quote. With the development of technology, a considerable number of companies provide their customers with extensive databases of essay examples, which means you can access some papers for free. Take your time to read the introductory part and single out the quote used in it. Focus on the writing tools and other methods that are used to explain the quote and enhance its relevance in the text. Just check out one of the examples:

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing”. Different people can define success differently, but it is the way the famous football player Pele views it. There is hardly a person who can deny that success is impossible without much effort, but extra elements of the undertaking may vary.

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