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How to Quickly Write an Essay: Tips, Tricks and Rules

How to Quickly Write an Essay

Student life is full of events, so burning deadlines are commonplace. Multiple essays on top of that don't help, only adding to the stress. You still have to write them, but we suggest making the process more enjoyable. Today, we will tell you how to quickly write an essay without losing your grade. 

Setting the Right Foundation

Let's start with the simplest but also the most important thing. Only then can we move on and learn ​​how to write a good essay quickly. 

Stay focused 

Here you are, sitting at your desk, ready to conquer this blank page. But something goes completely wrong, and your brain isn’t there. Concentration is a skill that needs to be improved; it doesn't come easy to anyone. Agree with yourself to perform this specific task, disconnecting from everything else. Start with 10 minutes of uninterrupted focus; don't aim for several hours at once. 

Eliminate distractions like phones and social media

To know how to write an essay fast, think of your phone as the enemy of your focus - turn it off or set it to "do not disturb" for a specific time. Plus, find a quiet place where you won't be annoyed. Music or some noise in the background helps some people, so experiment a little. If you're still drawn to your phone, use apps to block the screen temporarily. 

Handle procrastination

But what to do with procrastination and the desire to find someone to write my paper? Here are some ways on how to write essays faster:

  1. Start small. Break tasks into smaller parts and start with the easiest or most appealing ones. You'll feel good about completing each and get motivated to move on to the next. 
  2. Create a schedule. Make clearly defined time blocks. Be sure to set aside time for essential tasks and rest.
  3. Use timer techniques. Set a timer for a short period (e.g., 25 minutes) and work continuously until it’s done. Then, take a short break.
  4. Find motivation. Understand why you need to do this work and how it’ll help you reach your goal. 

A good technique for how to write an essay quickly and efficiently and end procrastination is to ask yourself how hard you think this task is from 1 to 10. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and get to work. Afterward, note how difficult it really was and compare it with the initial score. It gets easier every time, we bet. 

How to Write an Essay Quickly: Pre-Writing Strategies

Now, let's look what you should do for quick essay writing before clicking the buttons. Let's get to the point. 

Carefully analyze the question

That’s the situation when the teacher walks between the rows and says, "Read the question more carefully.” Without this, you’ll go in a completely different direction. So, read the essay title carefully and ensure you understand everything. If there are complex terms, read the meaning. 

Prepare your reference materials

Research what has already been covered on the issue and how you can add to it. You must have a scientific base to answer ​​how to write a good essay quickly. It includes all sorts of documents, articles, books, videos, and online resources, as long as they are reliable. Preparation broadens your perspective and provides additional evidence or examples to support your point of view.

Summarize your argument 

First, decide what you’re going to base your essay on. Write it down in a separate list and analyze whether these arguments are sufficient. That’s an important step in order to write an essay quickly in the subsequent stages. 

Take notes directly in your document

Don't be scattered between a pile of papers or different programs; record your thoughts, comments, and notes in your work document. This way, important information is in one place, and you can quickly organize your thoughts when changes are needed.

Transform your notes into a structured essay

It's time to use what you've gathered and start quick essay writing. If your arguments are logical, you already know what to say.

Techniques for Quick Essay Writing

In this section, we’ll explore various techniques and strategies, discovering how to get an essay done fast. From simple techniques to more complex methods, everyone will find something useful. 

Leave the introduction and conclusion for the end

It's a great option because you never know where to start, let alone where to end. After the main part, you’ll no longer have any doubts. In addition, you’ll improve your quality, as it’s clear you already understand the issue. 

Incorporate references as you progress

Constantly including references to authoritative sources, statistics, and research supports your point of view and makes your essay more convincing. It also helps readers engage in additional research on the topic. Add references to the text of your essay organically as they become relevant. 

Proofread during writing

Of course, the final one will be upon completion. But the answer to how to write a great essay quickly is to proofread each paragraph at once. You don't have to sit for hours on end checking it later. 

Avoid copying and pasting content

That’s an important strategy for making your essay unique, original, and high-quality. Plus, avoiding copying and pasting saves time, answering how to write an essay fast. You don't have to spend time reworking and adapting third-party content to your needs. 

Use quotes 

We use them to support our point of view and increase our credibility. However, existing opinions and research also save time. The result is speed and added value. 

Maintain a clear and concise writing style

It helps the reader better understand your thoughts and ideas. To achieve this style, avoid using unnecessary words and phrases, avoid complex and confusing sentence structures, and follow a logical presentation structure. 

Productivity Boosters

Have you figured out how to quickly write an essay, but still don't have the desire to do so? Running out of energy is normal, but there are ways to keep yourself motivated. 

Experiment with different writing environments

Don't always stay in your room. Try a cozy coffee shop, park, library, etc. Anywhere you feel comfortable is fine, but the main thing is to change the environment. It will bring freshness and new ideas to your writing. 

Refrain from time-consuming strategies

Don't waste time on over-detailing, perfectionism, or fruitless breaks if you want to know how to write an essay quickly. Instead, focus on simple but effective techniques. Otherwise, it's easy to get frustrated and stop writing altogether. 

Utilize Google for quick research

There’s no need to go to the library if you’re looking for the answer to how to finish an essay quickly. Google has many resources - articles, books, magazines, and more. Thanks to its advanced search capabilities, you can quickly find the information, compare different sources, and get everything you need on your topic. 

Use writing software and tools

The most common ones are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice Writer. They have autocomplete, spell-checking, annotation, and many other features to make writing easier. If you still don’t know how to write a paper quickly, use Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote to manage your bibliographic references. 

Self-Care and Rewards

Nothing will come of decent work without pleasure. Reinforce achievements with small prizes to develop good habits. 

Take short breaks when needed

Even a few minutes make a difference: take a break, go for a walk, drink some water, do some stretches, or take a few deep breaths. The important thing is that the break is really short and only distracts you from your work for a short time. Remember, we want to know how to write a quick essay. 

Celebrate your accomplishment with a reward

Recognize your efforts and create motivation for further achievements. Rewards can range from going out with friends to specific things. Reward even the most minor successes. Even a cup of coffee can be an encouragement.


So, all this together will give the result and the answer to how to quickly write an essay. Techniques are ineffective individually, so combine them and enjoy the result. It’ll be hard at first, but you’ll develop discipline and soon see improvements. If you don't have time or it's an unnecessary subject, remember about essay writing services. Experts will write your paper for you, and you can do other important things. Go for your A! 

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