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Lucky Charms and Rituals for Your Finals

Lucky Charms and Rituals for Your Finals

Students are the most superstitious bunch after professional athletes. With so many good luck rituals around, you won’t have time for revision if you try to perform them all. To help you boost your luck, we’ve chosen the seven rituals and charms that actually work. Give them a try and share your success!

Wear Red Underwear Under the Boss Outfit

If you want to feel good and sure of yourself, deck yourself out in your best outfit, be it a power-suit or a dress-and-heels combo. For an extra layer of good luck, pick out the red underwear from your drawer and throw it on. Just make sure the red does not shine through the outer layers, or you might draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Chew the Magic Memory-Retaining Gum

If you are chewing gum while revising before the exams, keep the same piece in your pocket until the test and pick up where you left off. Think that’s icky? You could use the same brand of gum with the same taste to activate sense memory. Hard candy and mint drops work just as well. But the mere act of chewing the gum might calm you down and help you focus on questions, so it is still the best option, even if you don’t believe in its memory-retaining properties.

Answer the Questions Backwards

If you have always felt wrong reading the book cover to cover or answering questions in order, this is the ritual for you. Start with the last task and move your way backward or do a couple of answers at the top of the page and then skip to the last ones. You can go through the easiest tasks first or develop your own lucky order, based on the numbers of the questions. Just don’t forget to check all the fields are filled before submitting the paper, or you might accidentally lose points.

Use Your Lucky Pencil, Case, Bag…

There must be something among your possessions that has been with you through thick and thin and always helped you come out on top. It can be a lucky pen or pencil, a pencil case, your bag, or even a pair of socks or underwear. Whatever you use as your lucky charm, keep it on you when you go to take the exam, use it for writing or touch once in a while if it’s not something you can use. Let the lucky energy flow into you and keep you calm and collected.

Forget Handshakes and Haircuts

In Zambia, students believe knowledge can flow out into another person via a handshake. Some even go around trying to steal others’ memories by shaking hands with everyone. After the pandemic scare, you can just avoid all types of physical greetings and cite germaphobia. Getting your hair cut or even washed after you have spent so much time revising can also lead to losing knowledge. To improve your chances of success, delay your visit to a salon until after the finals are over.

Engage Lucky Revision Routine

It’s the same principle as the lucky charms you take to the tests. Remember what you did before the exams that got you the highest grades and repeat the actions to tune yourself for the repeat of that performance. You might have been sitting on the floor, listening to the latest episode of GOT in the background, or rocking to your favorite tunes. There might have been a specific dinner involved or the textbook and notes under your pillow. Repeat your lucky rituals, and the high grades will be yours. 

Pray to the Bell Curve God

If you attend a highly competitive school where professors grade on a curve, the Bell Curve God or Spirit is the one you should be asking for good results. It is a construct created by the pleas and prayers of thousands of students around the world who know exactly where on the curve they want their results to be. Aim for the top part of the curve, and you’ll be in the middle of the pack, but you can always aim higher, especially if you sacrifice a flower or a tasty treat to this malevolent campus spirit. Besides, you can always get assignment writing help to improve your chances.

Have you ever tried any of these good luck rituals? Do you have some of your own that did not get on our list? Share your ideas and lucky charms, they might help someone pass the exam!

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