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Popular Book Genres and Best Books for College Students to Read and Analyze

Most Popular Book Genres among College Students

Freedom, independence, creativity, imagination, and a range of other positive aspects make reading appreciated and loved by lots of students. The world of literature is unlimited, impressive, and extraordinary, with the readers being able to find something that seems appealing to them. No matter if you head to a local library or use online services, you have a chance to get tons of magnificent books for college students that will open a new world for you. The variety of books and their genres is stunning, so you will never feel bored if you make the right choice.

What are the most popular book genres among college students? How is it possible to opt for the most appealing book? If you are new to reading, you should take your time to discover demanded genres most learners are fond of. Analyze available options and focus on the ones that meet your preferences. At the same time, it is indispensable to remember that unexpected situations happen, so a considerable number of learners get excited about the most popular book genres they have never been interested in. Thus, you should be flexible and ready for surprises when you start reading books.

Top 5 Most Appreciated Book Genres for College Students

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Once you have enough time, desire, and inspiration to dive into reading, you should not rush making your choice and looking for the best books to read for students. Instead, it is inevitable to start with the available genres, which will simplify your choice and help you avoid mistakes. Do you find making decisions complicated? Check out a list of the most popular book genres that will unveil exclusive facts and interesting data about specific books drawing you closer to the desired results.


There is no way to deny that romance novels are the best books for college students. There might be some exceptions, but the statistics for book sales show the opposite. Most readers are loyal to their favorite authors, so they continue reading every new book released.

What makes romance stories so appreciated by learners? In the overwhelming majority of cases, they depict a romantic relationship between people, which is an important and relevant topic for students. Sensual tension, idealism, and desire are integral parts of any novel. At the same time, romance is divided into numerous subgenres, which means every reader will find something suitable. The most popular ones include paranormal, contemporary, historical, fantasy, and others. Carolyn Brown with her “Love Is,” Robyn Carr with “Virgin River,” Julianne MacLean with “The Color of Heaven,” and a plethora of other authors will make your days more colorful and reading more exciting.


Mystery books are exceptionally popular among college students who are attentive to details. Most appreciated mystery books draw the attention of readers being a part of a huge series. What is special about this genre? Mystery novels tend to contain an enticing hook, suspenseful pacing, and a satisfying conclusion. Maximum tension, ultimate interest, and desire to discover the truth are always there, contributing to the desire of students to continue reading. Similar to other genres, the mystery is also divided into subgenres, with the most popular ones including cozy mysteries, scientific mysteries, police procedurals, true crime novels, whodunnits, and multiple others.

Have you ever heard of Agatha Christie and her “And Then There Were None,” “The Mysterious Affairs at Styles,” and other books? Are you excited about reading “Red Dragon” or “Hannibal Rising” by Thomas Harris? There is a huge variety of other books that will not leave you indifferent.


Magical creatures, exclusive time periods, supernatural phenomena, and other elements are frequently included in fantasy and science fiction books, making them the best books for students. The setting may vary a lot, but the plot will always remain extraordinary and impressive. The most known subgenres of fantasy are high fantasy, steampunk, dark fantasy, epic fantasy, sorcery, and others.

Browsing the web, you will come across a variety of well-known writers working in the genre, including Seanan McGuire “October Daye,” Patrick Rothfuss “The Name of the Wind,” Robin Hobb “The Farseer: Assassin’s Apprentice” and others.

Young Adult

Young adult books are the ones targeted at adolescents and young adults. These are mainly the stories that cross into the science fiction and fantasy genres. Exciting teenage themes are discussed in such books, making them even more valued and appreciated by young adults.

J.K. Rowling has had stunning success in the genre with the Harry Potter series. Additionally, it is indispensable to mention Tahereh Mafi that is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of books for children and young adults. Her books, like “Shatter Me,” “Ignite Me,” “Fracture Me,” “Furthermore,” and a few others, make it one of the most popular book genres for young adults.

Autobiographies and Biographies

Finally, if you are not fond of mystery or fiction, you may be interested in autobiographical or biographical books more. There is a multitude of writers working on similar projects, providing readers with true stories. The life story of Nelson Mandella, described in “Along Walk to Freedom,” Rafael Nadar's “Rafa: My Story,” Charlie Chaplin's “My Autobiography,” and other famous people are always appealing.

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