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Top-3 Hiding Places for Your Cheat Notes

Top-3 Hiding Places for Your Cheat Notes

Why would you waste hours on revision before tests, when there are so many exciting things happening on campus? You’ve got half a dozen party invitations, your partner is free to spend time with you for once, and your favorite band is in town for a once-in-a-lifetime performance. With my advice, you’ll find the time for everything and shave days off your revision time. Even if you can’t pay for an essay to make this problem go away, there are three unbeatable hiding places for your cheat notes to keep professors off your back. If you’re going to do wrong, you better do it right. 

For STEM Classes

If you have to do calculations during the test, the calculator is the best hiding place for your notes. Fill its memory with formulas, numbers, coefficients, programs for automatic calculations, and anything else you can think of. Don’t forget to press the buttons once in a while, or you will look strange, staring at your calculator without touching it.

Some hardcore sticklers for rules among professors might check your calculator’s RAM, so clear it and store the cheat notes in the internal memory bank. If your device doesn’t have this option, save a screen reading “RAM cleared” and bring it up to show to your professor before the test begins. 

For Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Science, and even some Business classes, this solution is the easiest and most effective. If your course allows for the use of computers connected to the Internet during tests, you can also rely on the black-on-black text on a web page you create. Highlight the text using CTRL+A and find the information you need while the professor isn’t looking, and you’re golden. Don’t forget to clear browser history after the test, just in case.

For Humanities

If your professor insists on tests on printer paper, all you need to do is print out the materials and subtly slide them under the sheets you get from your TA. You can make the font faint so that no one can see it at a distance, but it remains readable for you. You can also make the font bold so you can see the print through the sheet on top of it.

You can also make the font small or write the notes out in your tiniest handwriting. In this case, your cheat notes can be so tiny, you’ll be able to hide them in your pen, hand, or up your sleeve. However, they may catch your professor’s notice, so be discreet and only take them out when you are sure no one is watching.

For Everything in Between

Recording audio notes is perfect for any subject that doesn’t deal with numbers, formulas, or charts. All you need to do is use your phone to record the notes and a tiny Bluetooth headset to listen to them during the exam. Put your phone on silent to keep unexpected calls from giving you away and hide the headset under your hair. You should also keep the volume down, or the professor might hear the noise in a silent room.

On the upside, you can make these audio cheat notes throughout the term and listen to them whenever you are idling to help you remember the material even if you aren’t ready to try this method. Difficult navigation through the audio files is the main downside to this approach. You should either make short recordings and choose the right one at the beginning of the test or set up a subtle system for fast-forwarding the audio to the time-code you need. 

All three methods have worked for my friends and me throughout high school and college. Give them a try, and you won’t regret it! Do you have a favorite hiding place for your cheat notes? If you are struggling with your finance homework, you can also get some help from this reliable and affordable service.

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