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Route 66 ✅ The Sign of the US Freedom and Independence

Route 66 road in literature and film: capturing the essence of the open road

No matter if you live in America or not, chances are you have heard a lot about Route 66 and its significance for the nation. It is one of the most iconic highways that has lots of associations. While it is a symbol of freedom and independence for some people, it is a sign of a lifetime trip for others. What is really the Route 66? It is the quintessence of the American roads that captured the essence and imagination of the American spirit. Watching movies, reading books, and even listening to music, you can find a lot of interesting facts about the road. Why is it so prominent?

First of all, it is indispensable to mention that Road 66 was the first highway of the type. It was designed back in 1926, functioning as a year-round trans-continental route. It was a long highway that connected the rural and urban America from Los Angeles to Chicago. The road crossed three time zones and eight states. For decades, it was one of the most significant roads for drivers and travelers.

Additionally, it is indispensable to mention that the culture Route 66 is also related to the times of the Great Depression, when lots of families left their homes and used the road searching for a better life. Therefore, lots of people consider it to be a road of dreams, hopes, and expectations. Besides, it seems to be a shortcut to independence and freedom for many people. During the 50s, the popularity of Road 66 grew even more, as it was the iconic place for vacationers, who enjoyed their tours along the way, taking maximum advantage of the motels, farms, and other attractions. Everything changed in 1956 when the bigger and more convenient four-lane interstate system was built bypassing the road. It was the beginning of the end, as the businesses shut, tourists used other ways to cross the country, and the route was abandoned. In 1985, Route 66 ceased to exist officially but still remained in the hearts and minds of Americans.

Currently, a lot of young people fail to understand the concept of Route 66, which has become a valuable symbol of a better life filled with joy and satisfaction for American citizens. Working on academic essay assignments, learners choose to pay someone to do my homework and ignore the theme rather than dive into history and learn the unique peculiarities of the iconic road. On the one hand, getting qualified help from an expert writer is a certain way to success, while on the other hand, it is a lost chance to immerse into the history of the nation, the spirit of which lives on.

Watching movies and reading books, people can notice interesting references to the road of a lifetime, but it takes knowledge and understanding to comprehend its value and acknowledge its prominence.

Route 66 in literature and film

People who have always been interested in American history and culture should know a lot about Route 66 and its impact on people’s lives. Reading books and watching movies, it is possible to notice a lot of references to the famous road as a sign of unlimited freedom and constant search for a better life.

“On the Road” is one of the most impressive novels by Jack Kerouac that tells the story of the long journey of the writer across the US. It was a magnificent trip from New York to West Coast, filled with iconic beatminks.

“The Grapes of Wrath” is another fascinating book written by another writer, Steinbeck, where he uses the same image of Road 66 to signify the considerable change in life. The story in the book tells of a family from Oklahoma that used R 66 during the times of the Great Depression to flee from their problems and find a better life.

Later, the story described in Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” was illustrated in the movie known as “Main Street of America.” The movie was an instant hit and still remains appreciated by lots of people who have heard about the highway a lot.

Books and movies revealing the Route 66 concept

There is hardly any other American road that is as iconic and significant as US Route 66. If you take some time to read a bit about the highway, you will be impressed to learn that the road starts in Chicago, Illinois, and goes cross-country to Santa Monica, California. With over 2400 miles of highway, filled with motels, roadside attractions, and other elements, its image has been a real treasure for many filmmakers. If you look at the Route 66 map, you will be impressed by the side of the road, but if you read at least one Route 66 book, you will be fascinated by its prominence and value for Americans.

No matter if you enjoy old-fashioned or new Route 66 films, you will still have a chance to experience the spirit of freedom described by the main characters. Easy Rider is one of the most interesting biker road-trip movies that presents the concept of the open road combined with other themes, such as politics, sexuality, and drug abuse.

Can you recall some of the most interesting Route 66 books? “The Grapes of Wrath” will surely be the one to mention. However, people who are not in for reading can relish a film based on the novel by John Steinback. It is a great illustration of the life of the time. The story of the Oklahoman family going to California using Highway 66 will hardly leave you indifferent. The challenging times of the Great Depression and the constant desire for a better life are the aspects emphasized in the movie.

There are lots of other books, films, and literary works that highlight the role and significance of Route 66 for different people. It takes time and dedication to grasp the concept and feel the spirit of freedom offered on the highway.

Films and literary works about Route 66 and their impact on the culture

Talking about Route 66, it is inevitable to mention that even though it does not exist anymore, it has had a unique influence on American culture. There is no chance to compare it to any other landmark, as it seems to be the national legacy that left a long-lasting impact on the national consciousness. Since the time Highway 66 officially ceased to exist, there were a few alternatives, like Hoover Dam Loom and Brooklyn Bridge, that were supposed to replace the image of the route. However, none of them could exceed the symbolism of Route 66 in the cultural imagination. While the above-mentioned options were about engineering achievements and human resources, Road 66 was about the emotional appeal and feeling of instant freedom.

When it comes to American music, movies, and books, chances are you will detect a lot of instances when Route 66 is mentioned as a life-changing highway. The American pop culture was greatly influenced by the concept. Lots of singers, such as Nat King Cole, Perry Como, the Rolling Stones, Bing Crosby, the Andrew Sisters, and lots of others, used the imagery of the road to express their deep feelings.

Additionally, it is inevitable to mention that Route 66 is frequently depicted in American films. If you remember the “Cars” by Disney, you will surely recall the old road depicted there. Well, it is surely not the only movie that expresses deep emotions associated with Route 66. “Rain Man,” which dates back to 1988, is one of the most iconic films of the time that emphasizes the rich infrastructure and other advantages of Route 66. Different scenes take place at various locations that retain the same inspiration.

As for the literary works, Road 66 is also pictured in the immoral classic “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac and similar books. Sheer freedom offered by the highway to millions of travelers is priceless for the readers.

Even though the road is no longer functioning, its impact on the culture, human minds, and vision can still be traced. The burning desire for freedom and longing for adventure will always remind of the iconic Route 66.


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Alternatively, you can choose a longer but much more exciting way, diving into the unique Route 66 books and impressive Route 66 films that will unveil the most interesting details about the highway and its role in human lives and country culture. Focus on the most appealing facts, reading stunning stories and influential memories about the road that changed lives and made people much happier. Check out the variety of movies, books, and music tracks devoted to the road of freedom. It is a certain sign of its prominence and undeniable value for lots of people.

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